SAD Lighting

Introducing a new range of lighting available from Oxford Lighting; Innolux SAD lighting products have been designed mainly for a medical purpose (but they look good too!).

Light can be measured in Lux. On a normal summers day the volume of sunlight is usually between 50,000 and 100,000 lux. Standard household lighting produces around 50-100 lux.

A lux output of 2500-10,000 has been proven to produce benefits similar to those provided by sunlight.

A bright light device (SAD Lamp) can efficiently compensate for the lack of natural light during the darker days in Autumn and Winter.

Innolux bright lights (SAD Lamps) are designed to give a safe output of 10,000 lux, providing a pure white light (4000k).

The below lights all provide a lux output of 10,000.


SAD Lighting

A lack of natural light can cause winter blues, resulting in tiredness, weight gain, sadness and social withdrawal. 

The above SAD lighting has been designed to compensate for the lack of natural light in the darker months.

These products are efficient, safe, long lasting and medically certified.