LED Lighting in Oxford

Retro-fit LED lamps can be used in most light fittings, if you are looking for new lighting it doesn't have to be LED dedicated, we can help you find LED lamps to suit your fitting and requirements.

There are many positives associated with LED lighting (see below), however it is important to be aware that there is no standardisation, and that many lamps vary in specification by their respective manufacturers. 

The variants include colour temperature, lumen output and comparative wattage. 

Oxford Lighting & Electrical Solutions have been using, checking, testing and selling various LED lamps for over 4 years, in the main we purchase from UK lamp distributors, selling our clients LED lamps that suit their individual needs. These lamps are high end in quality, but at affordable prices and come with manufacturer warranties. 

The LED lamps Oxford Lighting sell, are designed to last. 

Oxford Lighting have staff who are able to help you find the right LEDs for your requirements - Speak to an advisor today - 01865 408522 - sales@oxfordshirelighting.co.uk 

  • LEDs require less energy - Saving you electricity  
  • LEDs have a long life - 20,000 - 30,000 hours - Change bulbs less - Great for large feature lights and difficult to get to areas  
  • LEDs give off very little heat, so components within your light fittings are less likely to break down and if touched you won't get burnt!  
  • LED lamps have variable light outputs and can be dimmed using the correct, professional dimmers. (Speak to Oxford Lighting if you would like more information about a specific lamp/dimmer)  

LED lamps come in a choice of colours; Warm White, Cool White, Natural White and Daylight - Visit our showroom to see some on display.

If you are looking for LED lightbulbs in Oxford, give us a call, send us an email or visit the showroom!