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How to find the showroom

Oxford Lighting Showroom in Abingdon is located just off the A415 between the village of Clifton Hampden (1m) and Abingdon (4m), based on an old WW2 airfield.
It is marked as Culham No 1 Site which is between the Culham Science Block (Jet) and Culham rail station.
Take the slip road off the A415 which looks towards the site, enter through the main gated entrance which is slightly back from the road.
Take the 1st right after 70 yards and go forward bearing left for about 150 yards which takes you to our front door!

Once here we can help you find rustic lighting fixtures, modern lighting, island lighting for your kitchen, industrial lighting fixtures, exterior lighting and more.

Contact Oxford Lighting in Abingdon by email; or call on 01865 408522.

Oxford Lighting Showroom

Unit 121, Culham No 1 Site, OX14 3DA

01865 408522



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